5 Smart Ways to Eliminate Odour in Your Home

There are quite a few imaginative ways to get a good house clean. People come up with more and more ways to get their home clean with the least amount of effort and make the most out of a bad situation – or, as with this case, a smelly situation. Common people have discovered many simple ways of removing odours. You do not want a bad odour smelling up your place, so you need to find the source and then use one of these options:

#1 – Baking Soda + Essential Oil

Baking soda has great anti-odour properties. If you rub it on any source of smell, it will act almost immediately and make a big difference. And if you make soda paste by mixing baking soda and water, and then add some essential oils, you will replace the smell with something quite aromatic.

#2 – Water + White Vinegar

Just like baking soda, vinegar is a great odour-killer and among the best organic house cleaners. Apply to the problematic spot and the difference will be immediately visible... or detectable.

#3 – Vodka + Essential Oil

Water and vodka will easily deal with any source of odours. They will eat through the dirty spot or stain and leave either an alcoholic smell, or no smell at all. Either way, if you also add essential oil, it will completely replace the smell.

#4 – Water + Coffee

If you use warm water on a smelly place, it will become vulnerable, but not quite clean. And then if you apply ground coffee and rub it nicely, the smell will be replaced with a more... coffee smell, which will be much better. The problem is that you then have to clean the coffee stain.

#5 – Dish Soap + Water

And of course, if the source of the smell is not a big or problematic stain, you can simply use dish soap or even shampoo as a cleaner for the odour removal. Rub it good and lather it up, and the smell should vanish almost immediately.

Home cleaning is much easier when you know all the methods. With this you can now even eliminate all sources of malodours and make sure that the house contains fragrances instead of bad smells.