Clean Your Bathroom in 5 Easy Steps

When it comes to home cleaning, the more you know, the easier it gets. One way to handle the job is to categorise and plan the job so that you are left with simple instructions for every facet it presents. Such is the case with bathroom cleaning, for example. You need merely a few steps to take in mind when tackling the job and following them one by one will lead to the swift and efficient cleansing of the room. And if you wonder what the steps are, here you go:

Step 1. Find the right tools and cleaners.

Go to your local convenience store or supermarket and get the proper cleaning supplies. You will need a sponge or two, a mop, a small brush, and some wipes.

Step 2. Take everything out.

Some bathrooms are more decorated than others. Take out any étagères you may have, any cabinets, mirrors, and so on. Take everything out to make the cleaning job easier.

Step 3. Clean the grout.

Remember the small brush? Well, this is what it was for. Add a cleaner of your choice to the brush, or make one with vinegar and lemon juice and start scrubbing – this usually takes some time to do, so do be hasty.

Step 4. Clean the surfaces.

Walls, sink, bath, shower, toilet bowl – all of them have to be thoroughly sanitised. Use the sponges and cleaner you bought for the job, or make an all-purpose cleaner with water and vinegar. And then scrub away till you get a shiny bathroom.

Step 5. Mop it all out.

After cleaning the walls, the floor should be the dirtiest thing in the bathroom. Take out the mop and go through the whole floor with it. A few strokes to clean, then rinse, do some more mopping to dry it out and you are done.

Yes, home cleaning can be simple. Once you organise the job in steps, you become more focused on what you have to do right now and not on picturing the entire job. Simply do the work and stop thinking about doing it. Happy cleaning!