Organise your Home to Make Your House Cleaning Easier

We all hate domestic cleaning, but most of us love a clean house, right? We would rather save money for more pleasant things rather than regularly pay to a cleaning company or hire cleaners in general.
So what is the solution? How can you keep your routine house cleaning as easy and effortless as possible? How can you keep your house in a nice sparkling clean state without hiring an army of cheap domestic cleaners
There are a few ways to keep your house in a good tidy state so you don't have to feel absolutely tortured when it's time to scrub your place.

1) This may not seem relevant, but keep your house warm and dry - humidity is the enemy of a tidy and clean home. When you get mould, you will have to spend hours scrubbing it and it will keep coming back so do yourself a favour and buy a dehumidifier if your house tends to get humid.

2) It's always a good idea to have tiles in the bathroom - / kitchen and wooden / laminate floors in the rest of the rooms. If you like carpeted areas, you can always get a rug and throw it on your floor, but it will be easier to clean than a regular carpet that gets stained so easily.

If you don't like laminate flooring and would rather have a cosy carpet after all, you could always schedule some regular carpet cleaning services - maybe once every six months? It's not expensive and it can really transform an old dirty carpet into an almost brand new looking one. There are also special steam carpet cleaning machines you can purchase instead and some models are not expensive either.

3) Organise your things and always put them where they belong - it saves a lot of time and effort when you know exactly where everything is and you don't have to throw everything about in search for this one thing that you currently need so desperately. In consequence you are much more organised and keeping the house clean is really easy.

4) After organising your drawers/cabinets and deciding what goes where, make sure that you don't leave too many things just uncategorised and lying around - when there are many little objects everywhere you look, not only does it look untidy, but you also end up having so many more things to dust individually every time you clean your house. It is so much easier and quicker to clean tidy empty surfaces.

5) It seems obvious, but... clean your home regularly and make sure you tidy up after each meal or a social get-together etc. When things pile up, they look so much scarier to sort out and we end up not doing it for days. If you keep on top of things, house cleaning will take just few minutes a day rather than few hours when it's absolutely dreadful.